1. The distribution of kerosene under PDS should must be designed in a comprehensive plan. The date and time of the distribution of these mostly required items must be fixed. So as that the consumer can reach the venue without hampering his daily work and collect the commodity easily. And if he is unable to reach there it is alleged that the dealer is refusing the consumer to supply. This is violating the consumer protection act directly. There is allegation that the poor girls and old age person s are to stay in long queue for a long period even up to 9 pm to get the essential items. My suggestion is that the kerosene should be distributed just like Rice and wheat at least for three days. Because the consumer is rushing to the dealer killing his own productive time to save about the same amount the person could earn by his labor. 

2. Further the authorized dealers are subleasing the distribution without any permission. It must be check and stringent action should be taken those who are in this practice. On the other hand the name of the dealer and the consumers list like numbers of beneficiaries with their name should be mention in a sheet of paper on the wall of the distribution centre.

3. The inspector of the pds in charged should make a surprised visit during the time of distribution.

4. The authority instruct all the pvt shop keeper to hang the genuine price list of all the product like (Dal,sugar, oil etc or all other necessary commodities with all its varieties in front of the store. 

5. Furthermore is there any rule or act for the road side fast food venders? If there is than who is the controlling authority to guard their standards. These venders are exploiting consumer very much. There should be regular check up or surprise raid on their edible objects because adulteration is highly practiced by most of these untruthful vendorís to ensure safety and hygiene of citizens. 

6. Ours is a rice eating state. Rice is the staple food of our province. The dieting patterns are same since the beginning of history. From the prehistoric periods rice dominates our diet. The climatic condition supports us to consume rice and so called its torani or peja or in Sambalpuri it is thir. So when the government not ensuring to supply best quality of rice to its citizens. Most of the time the quality is seems to be sub standards. I urge to maintain quality of rice. 

7. When we claim 70% of literacy than why we find maximum thumb impression on the consumer received book of the dealers .It is difficult to understand. I urge the government to develop such a comprehensive plan for the future. My suggestion is that if we can develop a vision to use biometric by dealers than it will be helpful to develop a fair distribution system in our state It may take time but dreaming good is not bad.

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